Camelia, the Raku bug

About is, just like like Raku, a volunteer driven project. Content on should be up-to-date rather than comprehensive. Your contribution is very welcome.

Contributing to

The source code for is in the Raku/ repository on github. Commit bits are handed out freely, please ask on IRC or one of the mailing lists.

The source for individual pages is in the source/ directory, header, footer and menus are in includes/ directory. At least every 15 minutes a cron job runs updates the site from github and composes it with mowyw (available from CPAN as App::Mowyw).

Feel free to make small additions and changes right away, before larger changes you should discuss these first on #raku, and look for consensus. You can also contact the main author via email: moritz at faui2k3 dot org.


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